Malachite splitter necklace 86cm

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Malachite - The stone of confidence and happiness; promotes love, fertility, harmony and mental well-being.

Malachite splinter endless necklace, approx. 86cm long.

Malachite inspires the imagination, improves perception and increases concentration. It is also said to have the ability to convey a better understanding of the environment and to make deferred needs clear. Malachite gives joie de vivre and strengthens the heart, which is reflected in an increased quality of life and perception. It is a true source of comfort and encouragement.

In esotericism, malachite is regarded as a power stone that is said to have both physical and psychological effects. The effects on a psychological level are astonishing. Wearers of this stone experience a feeling of confidence and hope. Above all, the energy of malachite radiates happiness and harmony and conveys love and confidence, especially in partnerships. It promotes the emergence of feelings that are hidden beneath the surface and can be helpful for psychosomatic illnesses. Through meditation, negative experiences from the past can be processed with the support of malachite.

Malachite brings harmony, conveys confidence and gives happiness. It conveys love and is able to bring hidden feelings to light. It also supports psychosomatic treatments. Malachite can accompany and support the wearer throughout the day, whether in the form of necklaces or rings.

Malachite is also considered a midwife's stone. It stands for happiness and harmony in partnerships and promotes fertility. This stone is therefore recommended for couples with fertility problems and the desire to have children. The energy of malachite also supports the growth of the unborn child. During pregnancy and birth, this stone can work wonders. Malachite was particularly popular in the Alpine region in the 16th century as a labor cross.

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Material Malachite
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