Moss agate bracelet faceted 10mm

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Moss agate - for inner peace, healing and spiritual inspiration; calms the mind and promotes well-being.

A moss agate bracelet with beautiful shades of green in faceted 10mm spheres.

This gemstone has long been prized for its calming and balancing properties and can be a source of inner peace and harmony. In the world of astrology, moss agate is often associated with the zodiac sign Gemini. It is said to help improve communication, promote understanding and resolve conflicts. But its positive effect goes far beyond this.

Moss agate is a stone of new beginnings and well-being. It radiates a healing energy that promotes both physical and mental health. It reminds us that true healing lies in nature.
The energy of moss agate is calming and allows you to relax and find inner peace even after a stressful day at work. It ensures that positive energy flows through you continuously so that you can experience the day full of energy, strength and good humor. Negative energies are warded off and you are protected from attacks on your body, mind and soul.

When it comes to work and career, moss agate serves as a reliable source of support and encouragement. It inspires, motivates and promotes your creativity and productivity.
Moss agate is a faithful companion in cases of physical weakness and exhaustion. It boosts your energy and makes you feel better. It is also said to be helpful for fungal and viral infections, respiratory infections and blood sugar fluctuations.

Moss agate is particularly valued as a strengthening force during the menopause. It supports the mammary glands and can relieve headaches. The lymph gland system also benefits from its energy.

However, moss agate offers not only physical but also spiritual support. It dispels fears and doubts, strengthens your self-confidence and promotes a love of nature. It brings inspiration and clarity to your thoughts so that you can open yourself up to the beautiful things in life, art and science.

This moss agate bracelet supports your well-being, harmony and wealth, both financially and spiritually. It is a source of support and encouragement on your path to a fulfilled life.

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Lieferzeit 2-3 days
Colour Green, Dark green
Material Moss Agate
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