Rhodonite necklace 8mm

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Rhodonite - strengthens self-image and promotes emotional stability. Helps to heal emotional wounds and break relationship cycles.

Rhodonite is a valuable gemstone for healing heartache, heartbreak and emotional wounds from the past. It transforms and stabilizes emotions, promotes a deeper understanding of oneself and others and encourages people to live from the heart. Thanks to its stabilizing energy, rhodonite helps to strengthen self-confidence and break negative relationship cycles. It also promotes a better understanding of others and protects against bullying or unjustified accusations. Rhodonite calms the nervous system, supports the heart, alleviates grief and depression and promotes self-control.

Rhodonite also helps to face life changes with optimism and to practice forgiveness in order to heal emotional wounds. In extreme situations, it maintains mental control and promotes a deeper understanding in conflict situations, which contributes to a better resolution. Rhodonite also alleviates anxiety and test anxiety and helps with mental blockages. Its harmonizing effect on the nervous system and emotions ensures inner peace and balance. Rhodonite is a power stone that paves the way to emotional healing and spiritual growth while providing protection and stability.

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Lieferzeit 2-3 days
Colour Pink, Red
Material Rhodonite, Silver
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