Red jasper necklace 8mm

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Red jasper - for vitality and mental strength. Stimulates the circulation and can help with weight loss. Gives more energy, inner balance and increased passion.

Red jasper necklace is a powerful helper and healing stone with effect on body, mind and soul.

Psychologically and emotionally, the red jasper can give a beneficial dynamic. It strengthens vitality and brings more energy into your life. If you feel burdened by apathy, stress or rashness, red jasper can provide significant support. This gemstone promotes focus and purpose, improves memory, and contributes to inner contentment and balance. You can use red jasper to increase your assertiveness and weaken willfulness.

Red jasper is often considered a "rejuvenator" because it boosts circulation and optimizes organ function. Jasper helps stabilize the immune system and can provide relief from indigestion, nausea and bloating. It helps with weight loss and can work against nausea and excessive appetite. In addition, its healing properties are beneficial in kidney and liver diseases. In case of hernia, varicose veins or other operations, especially in the lower part of the body, it can help to support healing.

Red jasper affects the root chakra and promotes the harmonization of life energy. Especially in meditation, it can help you let go of fears and strengthen your steadfastness. In the long run, red jasper can be a valuable companion in challenging life situations. It offers support during stressful times and encourages a more determined pursuit of your own goals.

The red jasper necklace also helps to support a harmonious pregnancy. It gives love and promotes passionate sexuality in both men and women, which stimulates circulation.

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Colour Red, Auburn
Material Jasper, Red jasper, Silver
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