Rutilated quartz necklace faceted lenses 8mm

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Rutilated quartz - strengthens spiritual growth and promotes independence and self-realization by dissolving blockages and promoting positive change. It protects against negative energies and thoughts, promotes harmony and serenity and helps to release fears and inner tension.

Rutilated quartz is a rock crystal with rutile needle inclusions, which is considered a protective and truth stone and warns against negative energies and thoughts. It releases blockages, fears and depression and gives hope, balance and vitality. The stone promotes new ideas, supports changes and goals and increases spiritual and mental growth, including self-realization and independence.

It shields negative energies, calms the mind and alleviates stress, anxiety and depression. Rutilated quartz improves concentration and memory and symbolizes transformation and growth. It dissolves old patterns and blockages and supports positive change.

Rutilated quartz is a ray of light with golden angel hair that conveys protection, determination and self-confidence. It cleanses the aura, draws out negative energies and illnesses and promotes forgiveness. The stone helps with transitions and changes of direction in life, alleviates dark moods, fears and phobias and acts as a natural antidepressant.

On a physical level, rutile quartz regulates blood pressure, relieves headaches, stimulates the thyroid gland and treats respiratory diseases. It promotes cell regeneration, balances the thyroid gland and helps with exhaustion and lack of energy. The stone also helps with impotence, infertility and chronic illnesses.

Rutilated quartz helps to find one's own truth, accelerates spiritual growth and brightens dark minds. It promotes harmony, serenity and hope, relieves anxiety and inner tension and acts as an important protective stone. The stone stimulates the regeneration of the heart, treats insomnia and sexual problems and has an uplifting effect on depression.

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