Selenite crystal lamp 26cm

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Selenite bedside lamp - protective stone, calms irritability, revitalizes creativity, rejuvenates appearance, strengthens tissue, relieves pain. Room-clearing crystal lamp for a wonderful living ambience.

The selenite lamp - a radiant gift from nature

In our hectic world, we are always looking for ways to bring peace and harmony into our lives. The selenite lamp is a truly radiant gift from nature that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has a multitude of positive properties to promote our well-being.

Selenite, this unique crystal, has a remarkable effect that goes beyond the sheer beauty of its appearance. It is a higher vibrational crystal that can purify and charge other crystals. Selenite has a deep purifying and cleansing effect on body, mind and soul. This lamp not only brings atmospheric light into our rooms, but also a wave of positive change. The clarifying effect of selenite extends from our thoughts to the energies in our rooms. Negative beliefs and blockages can dissolve, the flow of energy in our bodies is stimulated and even other crystals benefit from its cleansing power. Selenite literally flushes everything negative out of our energy field and helps us to enter a state of calm, thoughtfulness and patience.

The benefits of selenite are manifold. It promotes mental stability, helps with tension and contributes to recognizing and letting go of old patterns of behaviour. This wonderful lamp, which shines with a warm, gentle light, not only gives us physical relaxation, but also opens the way to inner peace. Selenite unfolds its healing effect at the level of our chakras. It cleanses and harmonizes the root chakra and the sacral chakra, strengthens our connection to the earth and at the same time opens the doors to higher levels of consciousness. This lamp is not only a decorative element, but also a powerful tool for connecting with higher energies and receiving spiritual guidance. When you place this selenite lamp in your room, not only will its soft light illuminate your surroundings, but also your soul. It will help reduce stress and fatigue, increase your concentration and spark creativity. With its presence, you will feel grounded and at the same time open to the wonderful possibilities of the spiritual.

The selenite lamp, even on the bedside table, is more than just a source of light. It is a symbol of clarity, purity and positive change. The selenite lamp with its magical effect protects your world and provides a warm, healing light. A brilliant gift idea, whether as a birthday surprise or for Christmas - always a good choice.

Selenite is a wonderful protective stone that calms irritation. It invigorates creativity and supports a rejuvenated appearance and firmer tissue. Selenite also has pain-relieving properties.

Element fire

Selenite can also purify and charge other semi-precious stones.

Approx. 26 cm x 8.5 cm x 9 cm in size. Approx. 1m cable length, bulb included. Warm white light.

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