Selenite rod 20cm

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Elongated selenite pieces are powerful protective stones and light bringers that create a calming atmosphere and provide a variety of health benefits. They brighten rooms, promote relaxation and meditation, relieve discomfort, boost energy and protect against negative influences.

Selenite rod ca. 21cm x 3cm

Elongated pieces of selenite - Our true protective stones! These enchanting crystals offer the perfect way to protect your windows and keep negative energies out. Selenite, the bringer of light, fills your space with a soft, calming atmosphere by reflecting light in a unique way. This shimmering light creates a relaxing and meditative environment.

Selenite is not only beautiful to look at, but also a powerful tool for energy purification. It promotes a smooth flow of energy, clears blockages and supports meditation as well as cleansing the aura and chakras.

Selenite's many healing properties range from promoting restful sleep to relieving pain. In addition, it can be helpful for numerous health problems, from phlebitis to relieving nausea and hormonal fluctuations.

Selenite is a true light bringer that provides our cells and soul with uplifting light energy. It accompanies you in rituals and magical works and protects your aura from negative influences. Selenite opens the mind, creates stability for sensitive souls and dissolves stuck thought patterns. In stressful times, it brings calm and helps release tensions and blockages.

Discover the many ways selenite can enrich your life. Let its light accompany you and experience how it helps you bring more joy and clarity into your life. A wonderful protective stone that calms irritability. It invigorates creativity and supports a rejuvenated appearance and firmer tissues. Element Fire, Sacral Chakra.

Selenite can also cleanse and charge other semi-precious stones. Place them carefully on the selenite for 1-2 days.

We also offer the option to lovingly gift wrap your purchased item. If you want this option, just let us know your ideas. We are also happy to send the gift directly to the recipient.

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Material Selenite
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