Sunstone pendant drilled

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Sunstone - brings light, positivity, harmony and a cheerful attitude to life. Strengthens the immune system, supports digestion and releases emotional blockages.

Sunstone is valued for its calming effect on the mind, as it helps to dispel anger and promote a positive outlook on life. It also strengthens the immune system, relieves inflammation and helps to improve digestion and the cardiovascular system.

On a psychological level, the sunstone promotes optimism, releases emotional blockages and encourages positive thinking. It also supports creativity and intuition and helps to overcome self-doubt and recognize one's own strength.

When worn as a piece of jewelry or used as a meditation stone, the sunstone can unfold its energetic power and contribute to an increased sense of well-being. It offers support with jealousy, stress and worries, relieves tension and promotes self-control and creativity.

This wonderful gemstone directs our attention to the good and dispels gloom. It promotes a cheerful attitude to life and has a harmonious effect on the nervous system and organs. Element fire, sacral chakra.

It is recommended to cleanse and charge the sunstone regularly to maintain its full effect. Clean the sunstone under cold running water and place it in direct sunlight so that its power can touch your heart and soul.

We also offer the option of lovingly gift-wrapping your purchased item. If you would like this option, simply let us know what you have in mind. We will also be happy to send the gift directly to the recipient.

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Colour Orange, Beige
Material Sunstone
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