Unakite necklace 8mm

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Unakit - promotes harmony between the emotional and spiritual self, supports finding peace and connection both with oneself and with others. Opens doors to higher levels of consciousness and spiritual insight.

Unakite, a mixture of epidote, quartz and feldspar, manifests a variety of effects. It increases resilience, promotes relaxation and self-confidence, while at the same time supporting hope, patience and dealing with negative feelings such as self-pity, resignation or grief.

The essence of Unakit is to promote harmony, especially between the emotional and spiritual self. Through its unique properties, it helps to heal emotional wounds and find inner strength, while at the same time encouraging us not to lose sight of what is important.

A significant aspect of the Unakit lies in its symbolic color combination of pink and green. Pink represents innocence and youthfulness, while green embodies prosperity and growth. These two energies come together in the unakite to create a harmonious balance between youthful lightness and mature stability.

Unakite encourages us to see challenges as opportunities for personal growth and to be grateful for all experiences, even the difficult ones.

A gentle yet powerful gemstone, unakite supports the healing of emotional wounds and promotes self-love and self-confidence. It helps to develop a positive attitude and to find peace and connection both with oneself and with others.

Unakit works on different levels of being, from the emotional to the spiritual, and promotes a deeper understanding of one's life journey. It can help to transform negative energies and raise awareness of one's own health.

On a physical level, unakite supports various aspects of health, from pregnancy to recovery from illness, and corresponds with the elements of fire and water.

Spiritually, unakite opens doors to higher levels of consciousness and can help develop psychic abilities. Its presence is a reminder that the search for spiritual wisdom is an ongoing process that can last a lifetime.

Overall, the Unakit is a powerful ally on the path to personal growth and spiritual insight, reminding us that life is an ongoing adventure to be explored.

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Colour Multicolor, Red, Green
Material Silver, Unakite
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