Grossular bracelet faceted lenses

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Grossular - strengthens the psyche and the body, promotes hope and courage, and supports self-realization. It protects against depression, anxiety and stress, gives a positive attitude to life and more willpower, while at the same time strengthening the bone structure, strengthening the liver and alleviating psychosomatic illnesses.

Grossular, a member of the garnet mineral group, got its name from its color, which is reminiscent of gooseberries. This healing stone has an illuminating effect on the soul and gives hope, courage and self-confidence, while at the same time providing resilience and helping to overcome difficult life situations and depression. It changes one's attitude to life, opens one's eyes to new perspectives and offers the opportunity for self-realization, whereby outdated views and behavioural patterns can be discarded. It also promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, especially test anxiety, and can have a soothing effect on psychosomatic illnesses, including schizophrenia.

Grossular symbolizes hope and empowerment in life, supports growth and renewal, and attracts prosperity and abundance. It has regenerative energy in relation to financial problems and is an ideal companion for new business ventures or building good customer relationships. This stone transforms lower energies, promotes relaxation and cooperation with others, and ensures a harmonious flow in life with stability in all processes. Grossular communicates with the element earth and provides stability.

On a physical level, Grossular particularly strengthens the bone structure and makes you more resistant to osteoporosis. It also has a healing and strengthening effect on the liver and alleviates illnesses such as hepatitis and excessive bile production.

In terms of the psyche, it protects against depression, anxiety and stress, gives a positive outlook on life and more willpower, while it is a balm for the nerves. It also helps you to cope better with everyday life and gives you optimism and a higher self-esteem.

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Colour Green, Light green
Material Grossular
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