Toothpaste compatible with homeopathy 80ml

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Gentle organic toothpaste without menthol. Based on alkaline chalk that is gentle on tooth enamel. With extracts of rathania root, neem bark, myrrh resin, propolis and sage.

Packaging unit: 80ml

Natural organic toothpaste without menthol

  • Enamel-protecting effect
  • Alkaline pH value for healthy oral flora
  • Compatible with homeopathy
  • Essential oils without menthol and natural leaf green provide a fresh taste and a feeling of well-being
  • Tested and recommended by Dr. med. dent. Gerhard Schneider

The cleaning agents in BioEMsan toothpastes are absolutely gentle on tooth enamel and at the same time have an excellent cleaning effect. The basis for this is finely ground calcium carbonate, which occurs naturally as chalk or marble. Chalk in precipitated form has a low abrasiveness that is gentle on tooth enamel - it also has the advantage of an alkaline pH value, which in turn results in healthy oral flora. Mineral-rich yellow clay - also alkaline - serves as a further natural cleaning agent.

The toothpaste uses plants that have always been valued for oral care and whose effects are also recognized by modern dentistry: An extract from the root of the ratanhia plant, the bark of the Indian neem tree, myrrh resin and propolis are known for their special effects. Healthy sweetness is provided by the leaves of the stevia plant, the "honey leaf" from Brazil, which is cultivated in Austria. Last but not least, pure essential oils are important for fresh taste and effect.

EM-fermented herbs and the addition of Manju guarantee a maximum of bioactive substances. EM-activated water and EM ceramics further optimize the effectiveness. EM salt provides the necessary trace elements.

Application: Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the toothbrush and brush the teeth thoroughly. The longer the bioemsan toothpaste remains in the mouth, the better the effect. Apply to herpes, skin blemishes and mosquito bites and leave to work. For bad breath: Apply toothpaste to the tongue and leave to work.

Ingredients: CHALK (chalk), SORBITOL (sorbitol), AQUA (revitalized water and manju), GLYCERIN* (vegetable glycerin* ), ALCOHOL* (organic ethyl alcohol* ), ILLITE (ceramic powder, yellow clay), RICINUS COMMUNIS SEED OIL* (castor oil* ), XANTHAN GUM (xanthan gum), ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE* (aloe vera juice* ), COCO GLUCOSIDE (sugar surfactant), MARIS SAL (Manju sea salt), CI 75810 (chlorophyll - leaf green), herbal extracts*: COMMIPHORA MYRRHA RESIN EXTRACT* (myrrh* ), AZADIRACHTA INDICA BARK EXTRACT* (neem bark* ), KRAMERIA TRIANDRA ROOT EXTRACT* (ratanhia root* ), PROPOLIS EXTRACT* (propolis* ), SALVIA OFFICINALIS LEAF EXTRACT* (sage* ), AROMA* (mixture of essential oils* ), LIMONENE**, LINALOOL**, EUGENOL**.

from certified organic farming

** as a component of natural essential oils

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