Hematite rough stones 150g

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Hematite rough stones approx. 150g

Hematite - discharge stone for energy harmony. Strengthens blood circulation, grounding and protection from negativity. Positive for stability and regeneration.

Hematite rough stones approx. 150g

Hematite is said to have the ability to remove negative energies from gemstones and thus discharge them.

Hematite is a discharging stone and should be stored separately from other stones as it can discharge them, even beyond negative vibrations.

Hematite has an energetic effect on the human body, mind and soul. It strengthens the will, blood circulation, iron absorption and blood formation. As a convalescence stone, it is helpful for illnesses and anemia.

It protects against negative energies, grounds through the root chakra and protects against stressful earth radiation. Hematite promotes regenerative sleep and brings stability to the life force. It harmonizes and helps to use one's own energies sensibly. Element water, root chakra.

Please note that hematite tumbled stones should not come into contact with water, as hematite rusts due to its iron content.

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Colour Black, Grey
Material Hematite
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