Sodalite rough stones 150g

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Sodalite rough stones approx. 150g

Thinking power, confidence and creativity. Relaxation, detoxification, supports water balance.

Sodalite rough stones approx. 150g

These stones are valuable companions to help us understand ourselves better. They promote thinking power, trust, self-confidence and courage. Sodalite not only helps athletes with increased stamina, but also strengthens emotional balance and self-confidence. People in artistic professions in particular develop their creativity with these semi-precious stones.

They also help people to be resistant to criticism and to let go of suppressed feelings such as shame, guilt, stress-related fears or worries more easily. Sodalite has a relaxing effect on the breath and blood pressure.

As a detox stone, it can relieve the lymphatic system and improve cell metabolism. Worn on the throat, it helps with hoarseness or overstrained vocal cords. Element fire, third eye and throat chakra.

Place the rough stones indirectly around your water jug to transfer their vibration to the water.

A drinking glass with charged sodalite water supports the body's water balance by detoxifying.

Discharge with warm water, charge in the sun and on rock crystals.

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Lieferzeit 2-3 days
Colour Blue, Dark blue
Material Sodalite
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